Android based WMI (Wireless Multimedia Internet) Tablet Product Platform The objective of this project is to create a generic hardware and software platform catering multiple market segments including home entertainment, infotainment and enterprise . The design can be licensed to multiple ODMs and OEMs. The licensing model would be similar to that of traditional software licensing model.

Technically, this innovative hardware architecture addresses problem of having multiple RF interfaces on one board, which is actually possible but we are reducing the complexity to great extent. With this architecture, multiple RF interfaces including 3G, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, Mobile TV collocate on single device and would pass CE and FCC certification without any hassles.
Noticeably, all consumer electronics devices irrespective of vendors will have subset of these RF interfaces along with different screen sizes / form factors.. This generic product platform can be used to develop product ranging from smart phone with 4" touch screen display to 40" IP TV.
Android based Carputer product platform
The objective of this project is to create an Android based commercial grade product platform in infotainment space. Carputer is the predominant term used to describe a category of mobile computer designed to specifically be installed and run in automobiles. Carputer comes with the RF interfaces such as GPS, Bluetooth and 3G and offers internet connectivity within car. We are also working on adding access point feature to Carputer, so that passengers can share 3G internet connection over WiFi through Carputer.
SiliconEmbSys Center of Excellence undertakes targeted R&D to develop expertise and IP components in emerging technology areas. Our researchers are engaged in cutting-edge research to share insights with clients. SiliconEmbSys is has been investing in emerging technology areas and developing expertise and solution offerings in Android, wireless communication including WiMAX/LTE, HD Video Conferencing, innovative solutions in infotainment, home entertainment and Enterprise space. The IP components developed as part of CoE constitute the fundamental components of a consumer electronics product and helps to reduce time to market and development cost drastically for ODMs and OEMs.

CoE has successfully established alliances with Research academic institutes, chipset vendors, design houses and government institutes thus building a strong ecosystem
Android Applications
COE team is working on developing applications for Androi market. Applications include video calling, internet radio, music portal, ebook reader etc