SiliconEmbSys has clearly identified Android as the focus area. SiliconEmbSys focuses on different industries including Home Entertainment, Infotainment, Retail, Home Automation, Telecommunication & Healthcare . Since its inception in 2005, SiliconEmbSys has developed immense expertise in consumer electronics space and has worked on several projects in varied technology areas including Android with customers worldwide
Home entertainment division focuses on products such as Media centers, AVR (Audio/Video receivers), DVD Players, Bluray players, Audio/ Music systems, Home theaters systems and so on. SiliconEmbSys has been working on these devices since past several years and has developed immense knowledge on these products.

SiliconEmbSys strongly believes that, Home Entertainment Industry is going to be a large market globally. With initiatives of our Android Center of Excellence team we are geared up to position ourselves in Android-driven evolution of home entertainment that could involve developing Android cloud based products, routing digital content from smartphones to televisions and communication among various home entertainment devices