Reference Design & IP
Siliconembsys is an Android Technology focused company specialized in Embedded Hardware and Software Turnkey Design Services. Siliconembsys has developed in-house reference designs and IP components in Android space to help customer reduce time to market drastically. These reference designs and IP components can easily be taken to production by enhancing few components. Customers approach Siliconembsys at market research stage. Siliconembsys team understands BOM requirement, time to market and product concept by interacting with marketing team and product manager and suggests best reference platform that can be used for quick prototype development. Siliconembsys can either handover the reference design and IP components at one time NRE / Licensing fees and train the team to carry our rest of the development or can take the ownership of rest of the development by jointly working with customer's technical team or can also source experts' onsite and work with customer team till end of the project.
Reference Designs and IP components
  • 9" touch screen MID reference design based on TI OMAP 3530 running Android and Linux
  • Internet radio player reference design based on TI OMAP 3530 running Android
  • Personal Media Player based on TI OMAP 3530 running android
  • Internet tablet with 3G, WiFi - customizable for specific service provider
  • Infotainment device - GPS, Bluetooth, 3G enabled
  • Video phone reference design
Test tools and frameworks
  • Test automation framework for platform compatibility testing
  • Test tools for Android framework testing